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Customer Reviews

  • Apartment Building in Plainfield

    by: Issack

    Thank you Marc for completing this transaction for us. Always available, always on time, and able to resolve the most complex of issues. Marc is truly a rare real estate professional and is the very reason we were able to successfully close. Congratulations Marc and on to the next closing!

  • Apartment Building in Plainfield

    by: Chavy H.

    Congratulations and thank you Marc for advising us from start to finish. Without you the deal would not of happened. Marc is very professional, always available, and is second to none when it comes to finding investment property, negotiating and closing the deal. We highly recommend Marc.

  • Multi-unit in Plainfield

    by: Issack H.

    Thank you very much Marc for getting this deal for us. A difficult deal but Marc handled and resolved everything. From delays to issues with the City to the State Marc did everything and got it done. Always available and and I consider an elite in the real estate profession. Congratulations and on to the next closing!

  • Warehouse/flex space in Plainfield

    by: Joseph O.

    Thank you very much Marc for everything you did to get this deal closed. From start to finish Marc was exceptional, professional and resolved every issue time and time again to get us to the closing table. The deal fell apart three times! Each time Marc said he had a plan and would get it done. He was always steadfast and overcame every obstacle for us and got the deal closed. Congratulations Marc and thank you.

  • 6 unit property in Bayonne

    by: Christine Comba

    Just closed on a two year acrimonious nightmare thanks to Marc's endless patience, perseverance, determination to "make it happen" regardless of the attorneys arguing, quitting, not doing their job, etc. Buyer/seller refused to be civil to each other until Marc "suggested we meet for coffee" so we can relate as professionals to achieve our goal. A miracle happened IT WORKED. Suddenly everything fell into place thanks to Marc's professionalism not to give up. No other realtor would have endured this nightmare with such aplomb as Marc did from day one. I highly recommend him and definitely will retain his excellent dedicated service for my other properties. It is a privilege, an honor to have him as my realtor.

  • 6 unit property in Plainfield

    by: Mr. Henry Russo/Mrs. Sarah Russo

    To say that Marc is a great broker is an understatement! Having bought and sold five homes, I can say that he is the finest broker I have ever worked with. An excellent facilitator. We went through a very difficult and sensitive sale last year and he made the closing possible without a doubt. He is always there for you in an instant, no matter what time of day or night and handles a crisis with calm. I cannot say enough about him as a person with absolute discretion and honesty. I would use him again in a heartbeat. Thank you Marc.

  • caring, persistent, returns calls, keeps you posted to the minute, excellent realtor, will use him again

    by: Christine Comba

  • Single Family Home in Union Beach

    by: Christopher M.

    There is no one better.... Marc is absolutely the best.... diligent, persistent, helpful and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Marc is extremely knowledgeable about the industry and really knows his stuff. Would absolutely recommend him any day of the week!

  • Single Family Home in Avon

    by: Eddie

    A sincere thank you to Marc for getting my home sold and making everything look easy. From listing to contract to closing Marc executed and performed exceptionally. Marc is truly blessed to be so skilled and it was a blessing that we met. I will be recommending Marc to everyone who wants their property sold now. Congratulations Marc!

  • Single Family Home in Union Beach

    by: Stewart

    Thank you very much Marc! You are a man of your word. When I first met Marc I told him that my property had been on the market for over a year and was not getting much interest. He told me that I was above the market and that my property needed to be lowered. I responded by telling him that he came highly recommended and that I wanted to list the property with him for even higher. If anyone was going to sell my property I believed Marc would do it and he did for even higher than I thought was possible. When the appraisal came back lower and it seemed the deal would not close Marc handled everything as skillfully as possible. When the purchaser wanted to back out Marc calmed everyone down. No matter the crisis, Marc faced everything head on and handled everything. He is the reason why my property has sold. I am so impressed with Marc that I gave Marc all my properties to sell. I told my wife if anyone is going to sell my properties it will be Marc. He is the very best!